New Magazine Love!

I had been a reader of Company magazine for many years as I felt it was the best for trend reports and street style. When I found out it was no longer going to be published I was devastated! I needed to find something new to read so I went on a magazine hunt and came across the very first issue of HFM!
I'm three issues in now and so far I absolutely love it! The layout is clean and you aren't bombarded with advertisements every other page.

Every issue has a wish lists section that I have found very inspirational and informative for finding on trend items. My favourite section is 'The Agenda' which gives an extensive report on all the current and upcoming trends.
I was happy to see HFM magazines have a large beauty section, I feel other fashion and lifestyle magazines neglect this area. HFM covers everything:- Beauty products, skincare, hair and beauty inspiration.
At the very end of the magazine there is a small travel section that leaves you dreaming of sunnier climates!
The amazing thing is that it only costs £1 an issue! Are there any magazines or publications you've been into lately? Let me know!
Steph xox

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