Super Easy DIY wall decor

Hi everyone! I'm currently giving my room a much needed make over and I though I would share this super cheap and easy wall décor I created. All you need is a set of frames, I bought mine from Ebay, and a selection of images you love.
I got all of my images from Pinterest and printed them out at home, Pinterest is a great place to find photographs, quotes and illustrations. There is a large selection of interior design images so you will  be able to find more inspiration for your wall décor!
I found that keeping to a minimal colour palette created a sleek look, as my wall is a light grey I used gold and peach colours to warm everything up.
When deciding where to place my images I kept to a few simple rules. First I placed my favourite image in the largest frame and placed it in the centre, this makes it the main focus point.
Secondly, I had a few images of the same subject matter, for example below you can see two frames filled with portrait illustrations. To create balance I separated these by placing other images between them, I did the same with images containing quotes.
Finally as most of my images contain black and white I made sure I had coloured pictures as either side of the display, again this creates balance within the décor.
And that's it! Super easy! I'd love to see any DIY home décor you guys have made!
Steph xox

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