5 everyday foods good for your skin

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When they say 'you are what you eat' they're not lying! Unhealthy and greasy foods make your skin, well, unhealthy and greasy! Promoting blemishes and blocked pores. Buying lots of super foods and planning out all your meals can be expensive and time consuming so here I've created a short list of everyday and cheap foods that can keep skin looking clear and bright!

1 : Leafy Greens
Such as spinach which contains vitamin k, a vitamin that helps reduce dark circles under the eyes!
2: Broccoli
This food is full of Vitamin C which is an anti oxidant, so eating it will fight blemishes! It also contains collagen that keeps the skin looking young!
3: Tomatoes
Another food rich in vitamin C! Tomatoes also contains selenium, another anti oxidant that reduce the chance of caner and sun spots
4: Fish
Fish is full of zinc which is important for keeping skin soft and helps repair damaged skin. Fish also contains essential fats (goods fats, not bad fats) that keep the skin naturally moisturized.
5: Chicken
Chicken contains B3, which reduces redness in the skin! It's also high in protein, phosphorus and is a natural anti-depressant!
An extra note is to reduce Sugar! Eating sugar makes your body produce insulin, which actually makes your skin produce more oil, leaving you with a higher chance of clogged pores! Don't sop eating I all together as we need it for energy but try to get it from fruits and other healthy foods instead of foods such a candy and fizzy drinks!
I hope you found this helpful! What healthy foods would you recommend?
Steph xox 
 Image courtesy of Gualberto107 at freedigitalphotos.net


  1. I literally had no idea that broccoli stopped you getting blemishes. Consider me educated and thanks for the tip off! x

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment there! I am also into health and know the benefits of eating well. Great tips you have here! Following you now on G+ and on Instagram, love your feed! Hope you will follow me as well. Have a lovely rest of the week!