Creating A Minimalist Wardrobe

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I've decided that I need to take a more minimalist approach to life and being someone interested in fashion the detox has to start with the wardrobe!

I've been interested in minimalist living for a while now, I've spent hours looking at minimalist fashion and interiors on pinterest and I was constantly in awe at how clean and sleek everything looked!
One of the things that attracted me to the minimalist style is that all of the outfits I saw were built up around a base of classic pieces, garments that do not go out of style. The fashion world at the moment is  moving too fast-we have developed this throw-away culture, buy cheap and throw away quickly. Designers used to make two collections a year they now make up to six. (Spring/Summer, Autumn/Winter, Couture and a 'Pre' collection for each).
The idea of buying fewer, better quality, garments that will last is very appealing to me for several reasons. 
1: Saving money, I'm a student so I am in no way rolling in it! If you buy less, you spend less, simple. When I say buy better quality garments I do not mean go you have to go out and spend ££££££ on a single garment, you can easily find good quality clothing on the high street. I found a black coat (that I wore in a few posts back) that I got for £40 in H&M!!!!
2: Always be in fashion, classic pieces are classics for a reason, have these as the base pieces of your wardrobe you will always have outfits that are in fashion. If you really like to keep up with the trends you only need to buy a few pieces that you can match with your classic garments.
3: Not having to think too much. We all have those days where we want to be able to just throw some stuff on and walk out the door but we still want to look acceptable! Having minimalist garments means more pieces will go well with each other which makes it easier to create outfits (plus if someone compliments your outfit you can genuinely say 'oh thanks! I just threw it on!' ;) )
4: Less waste. How often do you have a clear out because your clothes are 'soooooo last season darling!'. How many times did you actually wear those clothes? I know I have plenty that seemed cheap to buy but because they went out of fashion so quickly the 'price per wear' is pretty high. If we all bought less it would also have a positive impact on the environment! A hella lot of pollution is caused from the fashion industry!
5: Space! I live in the UK where we have the most expensive but the smallest homes in Europe . Not having too many clothes means we don't need extra bulky furniture like wardrobes and drawers taking up space! Plus it's been proven that a clear space helps to reduce stress levels!  
To get my minimalist wardrobe I need to get rid of all the clothes I rarely or no longer wear.
Old Clothes Dextox Cleanse
Holy cow do you see all that c**p! Just think how much money I could have saved if I hadn't have bought that! At least my local charity shop is going to love me!

Minimalist fashion minimalist lifestyle

This is what my wardrobe looks like now, I'd like to eventually make it a bit smaller than this but I need to get some more wear out of some things before I give them up! Everything is now far neater (I forgot to take a 'before' photo but let's just say it looked more like a mountain of cloth than a wardrobe). All my clothes are now in sections so it's much easier to actually find everything!
I'm going to make a post on me giving the same treatment to my makeup collection, before I going for the whole 'Youtube makeup collection' but let's be honest I am not going to use it all!
I will also write a guide to creating a minimal wardrobe, I think it would be too much to have it all in the same post!
What do you think to minimalist fashion?  Let me know! :)
Steph xox


  1. Great effort on the minimalist wardrobe front - i have to say mine looks nothing like that!!! I got pretty good after i spent some time living in India with 2 suitcases only, i realised you don't need so many clothes to survive! I came back with a 1-in-1-out wardrobe policy, but its slipped now - doh!

    I had no idea fashion designers did so many collections untill i read your post - wow! Crazy!

  2. A minimalist look is just so convenient and chic! It's just so smart to go for a minimalist style, but it would be nice to mix it up sometimes.

    Jessica |

  3. This is amazing…
    Happy weekend <3

  4. I love this post - been trying to bring minimalism into my life!



    My Closet Life Blog

  5. Such a wonderful post - it's great having such a neat wardrobe!! I tend to have my clothes in colour order - I sound so cool! :D

    Layla xx

  6. I'm just in the middle of decluttering my wardrobe, but it can take some time - I'm trying to find new home for the clothes I want to get rid of, not just throw them into the charity bin. And it makes my friends happy, bc they get to browse through the clothes and pick what they like from what I don't need anymore. And everyone's happy that way ;)
    If you'd like you could check out my new blog arabesque - I'd be honored ;)

  7. I'm gonna start decluttering my wardrobe before going to uni... Ahhh I'm kind of dreading it... :s lol

    Xoxo Jessy