Make-up spring clear out

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I'd like to start this post by apologising for my absence lately, I've been swamped with uni work but now my final project has been handed in so I can get back into blogging!

In my last post I took my first steps into exploring minimalism by de-cluttering my closet, I've been so happy with the results and now it actually feels like I have more to wear! Now I've decided to tackle my makeup collection! To say I had a lot is a bit of an understatement, I could give any Youtube beauty vlogger's collection a run for it's money! Of course I did not need that much and I was definitely letting things go to waste so it was time to let things go!
I started by getting rid of things that had gone out of date, which is quite easy to tell as liquid products tend to separate and smell of chemicals and powder products can go a bit hard and don't pick up on the brush well. As a quick guide you should throw out powder products after 18 months, lip products and foundation after a year and mascaras after 4 months.

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The picture at the start of the post is a few of the things I had to throw out (yup, there was more) because I collected so much that I didn't get to use them up before they went off! The pictures above and below is what my makeup collection looks like now. It's much more organised, I can find things easily now and I've found that I'm more experimental with the products.
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To prevent myself from going out and buying more I've decided I can't buy anything until I've used up a few products. This way I think I will choose my makeup more carefully and not just go and buy everything other people are raving about! I need to only buy products that I know will work for my skin and will suit me, bright blue eye shadow looks great on some but not me so no idea why I had some!
I to create an even smaller collection but with good quality products but for now I'm going to try to use things up so that I haven't wasted even more money!
Are you a bit of a makeup junkie like me? What do you think of having a minimal makeup collection? Let me know! :)
Steph xox


  1. Clear outs are so satisfying! Minimal is the way to go.

  2. I was having a similar issue (though I don't think I had as much haha). I told myself I could not buy any new items until I used up a majority of what I already owned. I think that was more than a year ago now and I'm still chugging along! Crazy right?

    1. yeah, I never realised how long it takes to use up just one lipstick! It's going to be a while before I'm allowed to get anything lol!

  3. This is such a lovely idea, I really need to do the same :)
    You have a great blog, I'm a new follower! x

  4. I've been trying to buy less makeup too!! Only stuff I need (you know what I mean lol) :)

    Xoxo Jessy