Simplistically Upcylced: Denim Skirt

Denim Trend Up-cycle distressed denim

Denim skirts are a massive trend for this summer and have been seen on the likes of Olivia Palermo and Alexa Chung. This is a trend that I felt would work well in minimalist wardrobe so I decided to get in on the denim game! However I feel like this might not be a trend that lasts many seasons as denim skirts do seem to go in and out of fashion quite a lot. Luckily because of that thrift shops are full of them so I decided to up-cycle an old one! Here I'll take you through the steps I did to make my skirt and hopefully it will inspire some of you to up cycle an old skirt instead of splashing out on a new one! :)

Below is all the things I used to create my skirt!
Sewing crafts up-cycle
denim skirt denim trend crafts
I wanted to make the skirt shorter so the first thing I did was measure and draw a line where I wanted the new hem to be.

sewing denim trend

I then used the fabric sheers to cut off the excess!

sewing denim

To stop the raw edge from fraying I used an over-locker to stitch the hem, a zig-zag stitch on a normal sewing machine would also work.
I finished the hem by folding it up 1cm and stitching into place.

The denim is slightly stretchy so I used a zig-zag stitch as it allows for stretch, where a straight stitch would snap.

The slit in the centre to the skirt needed to be made longer to allow for better movement so I cut the stitches to open it further.

The slit was pinned and sewn into a 'V' shape which I felt was more flattering on me than a straight slit.

I love the whole distressed denim look so I thought I would tick off two trends my giving the skirt the distressed look! I did this by rubbing the sandpaper over the skirt to wear away the top layers of fabric (this took a LONG time).
distressed denim
Close up of the ripped denim!
denim skirt, distressed denim


Back view!

And there you have it! How I up-cycled an old skirt to meet the current trends! I will post a styling article very soon!
What do you think of the denim skirt trend? Will you try to up cycle an old one? Let me know! :)
Steph xox


  1. Wow, you did a great job! I love the distressed look too. I'd love to try this out

  2. This skirt looks awesome! I actually love seeing others wearing denim skirts but I don't imagine myself wearing because I don't think I'd look good on it haha you did a great job! Xx

  3. Great job, Steph. The distressed look is just lovely x

  4. Wow, I love the after, it's a beautiful skirt!


  5. great skirt, love the idea :)
    lets follow each other! just let me know and I will follow back :)


  6. Such a cool idea!! :) great job

    Xoxo Jessy

  7. Oh my gosh! That skirt looks amazing! Great job! Love your blog ( :

  8. I love it! :)

  9. I loved how you restyled the skirt! Omg! I haven't worn a jean skirt in ages... I really want to wear one now. :D