Creating A Minimalist Wardrobe

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Recently I talked about how I started my journey through minimalism starting with my wardrobe. Stripping back all your items can be a daunting task so I thought it would be a good idea to share how I started and how you can create your own!

What is a minimalist wardrobe?
When most people think of a minimalist wardrobe they picture a very blank space with next to no clothing. It's important to realise that Minimalism isn't about owning as few things as possible, it's about only owning things that bring joy into your life. Different people need different things so everyone will require a different amount of stuff! It may take a while to create your 'perfect' wardrobe, I use the word perfect loosely as through life our desires and needs change so it's only natural that your wardrobe will constantly change, so it may never be 'perfect'.
How many garments are needed?
As I just stated, everyone needs different things so there isn't a set amount, try to tailor the amount around your lifestyle. For me U tried to keep everything in sets of 10:
10 tops
 10 bottoms (trousers/pants, skirts, shorts, jeans)
10 pairs of shoes
10 pieces of outerwear (coats, jackets, blazers, cardigans, jumpers/sweaters)
10 accessories (bags/purses, glasses, scarves, gloves, belts)
 10 of everything else (which I've split into 6 dresses and 4 trend led pieces)
That's 60 pieces which I think is still a lot! I want to make my wardrobe even smaller, I'm a student so I don't need to factor in work outfits, but at the moment I'm still figuring out which pieces I really need.
Which garments should be thrown out?
This is the part where you really get to think about your personal style and how you can tailor your wardrobe to your lifestyle.
The easiest way to start a wardrobe detox is to throw out clothing that's damaged, a rip or a broken fastening never looks good nor is it practical! Next I would get rid of things you don't wear anymore, if it doesn't add value to your life and it's just sitting there, it's just extra clutter.
Design your wardrobe around your personal style
I thought about which pieces I used the most and where the best expression of my personal style and used them as the base pieces of my wardrobe collection. My personal style also happens to be quite minimal, I love classic pieces and flattering cuts rather than bold prints.
Don't think you need to have a minimalist fashion style to have a minimalist wardrobe! If, for example, you love busy florals, pick out the ones you like to wear the most and use those as your base pieces. This method works for any style, just build your wardrobe around your most loved pieces!
When I need inspiration I love to look on places such as Pinterest. I collect images of outfits I love and then have another looks through so I can see which garments I am drawn to!
The most important bit is analysing your lifestyle. As a student I feel that I mostly need outfits that are comfortable and easy to throw on. If you spend most of your time in an office you may need a collection of more professional looking pieces.
Style as you go
When choosing garments to keep or throw out, try to create outfits with other items you are keeping. If you can think of a few you possibly could get a lot of wear out of a garment, if you can't create any outfits I would consider getting rid.
I hope you found this helpful! I will be writing a guide on how to add new pieces into a wardrobe very soon! Will you be trying a minimalist wardrobe? How many pieces do you think you would need?  Let me know! :)
Steph xox


  1. It is very helpful!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Great post!! This is something I reallllly struggle with. Maybe one day!! Great tips :)


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  3. Such a great tips and I really got to get rid of my old and unwanted clothes anymore! Pinterest is sure an inspiration! Thank you xo