Simplistically Saved: Cheap alternative to perfume

A gorgeous perfume sure feels luxurious and an evening outfit isn't complete without a few spritz of your favourite scent. However perfumes are generally expensive, I won't use my favourite one everyday (Alien by Thierry Mugler) as I simply can't afford to! I hate body sprays and these spray on deodorants that you see people drown themselves in mid day as I find the scent doesn't last. This is why I have a new found love for body mists!

I know body mists aren't exactly new but I wanted to talk about them because I think they are a great money saving alternative to perfume and they smell and last much better than sprays. The main thing I love about them is that even though the scent lasts, it's not too powerful (this goes back to people drowning themselves in spray and leaving you to breath in the aerosol fog that lingers behind) which makes them perfect for day wear.
I've recently been using the vanilla scented body mist from The Body Shop which I have been loving, what's great about the Body Shop mists is that they all have natural scents which is really refreshing. Body mists have a lower oil content than perfume which is why they feel light on the skin. Once I've used this one up I'm going to buy the Indian Night Jasmine mist!  The affordability of these also makes them great for gifts when you don't want to splash out on a perfume. 

I also want to try some of the mists from Victoria's Secret, I've heard they are a bit expensive but the bottles look huge so it might work out quite cost effective! Has anyone tried any body mists from Victoria's Secret? What is your favourite body mist? I would love to know! :)


  1. Hi! The way you photograph this little gem makes me want to run out and get it asap! I love body mists in summer time but never considered the Body Shops ones, super curious about the Indian Night Jasmine one… I have one of the Victorias Secret body mist, they are very nice but don’t really last long on the skin ;)

    x Josune, Your Beauty Script ❤

  2. Bodyshop is my fav - they smell so good!

    Krissie x -

  3. I'm using VS body mist and yes, they're not last 24/7 but sure got amazing scent! Try it! Great post xo

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  5. Love the photographs! Wish I could smell this!
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  6. I love The Body Shop's body mists, the vanilla one is one of my faves!

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  7. I'm a huge fan of body mists as they are more affordable alternatives for me to indulge in really sweeter scents that I wouldn't necessary want to splurge on! I use The Body Shop, Victoria Secret's, and Bath and Body Work mists! Sigh, they really don't last as long though, so it's best to decant some and spray more during the day!

    xx Jia, honeyandgazelle.wordpress.con

  8. I love Alien too! It's so divine. I haven't tried body mist before but if they do last long I definitely will.

  9. I love your style, really! You are so perfect!!!

  10. I tried one of the "the body shop" body mists some times ago and I really liked it. My only problem was that the flavour was gone to fast, but that might be just a personal preference :) Great post!
    xx Alina
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  12. Thanks for the review!! Happy weekend.

  13. Great shots. Body mists are perfect for a lighter, less intensive scent. It's great for summer or when you don't want your perfume to linger too much. :]

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  15. i love body mists! i have two from victoria's secret and they are suuuper good! the smell isn't as strong as a perfume but i really like it that way:-)

    lots of love xx
    Nee from ROSECANDLE11