Simplistically Saved: Frugal Smoothie Making

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Recently I've really been getting into the whole smoothie making game it's help me pack far more vegetables and fruits into my diet and I'm already seeing a positive effect on my skin. Unfortunately it can be rather expensive buying all these fresh foods so I've made a quick guide on making smoothies on a budget!

1. Use what's in season as it will be cheaper! As the seasons change, mix up which ingredients you use, this will also maximise the variety of fruits and vegetables you eat (which means a larger range of nutrients).

2. Use a cheap 'base' ingredient such as spinach or kale. They are cheap all year round and are packet with nutrients, build your smoothies up around these basic ingredients.

3. Use frozen fruit and veg as they cost far less than fresh and some people say that they contain just as much nutrients as they don't have time to lose any goodness before they get frozen. Off seasons ingredients can still be affordable if you buy the frozen version.

4. Plan ahead! When I buy spinach it always comes in huge bags so I plan ahead to make sure it all gets used up, wasted food equals wasted money.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it helps you to save a penny or two! Do you have any tips for frugal smoothie making?
Steph xox


  1. Love this post<3 I will definitely try this out thanks for sharing
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  2. Yummy this looks so good

  3. Great post, very healthy and economical. <3

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  4. Nice post, MERCI :) On my French blog: "how to straighten your hair and eat Strawberries Tagada at the same time"

  5. I love Smoothies! So yummiii
    xoxo Lynda

  6. Great tips! I definitely think it's important to used seasonal ingredients. Some fruits get so expensive out of season
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  7. Gotta make one! Thanks for sharing your recipe <3

  8. I love smoothies and this looks so good! Just found your blog and totally loving your photography!

    Kerri @ Beauty & Things

  9. Wow, it looks amazing! x

  10. I love using frozen kale in my smoothies!