Simplistically Upcylced: Peplum top

I have a new upcyled top tutorial for you today! I bought this top a while ago from H&M and I love the detailing at the front but the cut of it was just too frumpy to I changed it into a glamorous peplum!


To make this top I used
-fabric scissors
-tailors chalk
-tape measure
-black thread
-sewing machine


I started by measuring how much I wanted to cut off the bottom- I made it so the top ended at my waist.
Using the tailors chalk I drew a line along the top so I would know where to cut.
Cut down this line with the fabric scissors!
This is the section I was left with after cutting.
To make the peplum section I needed the hem to be straight so I cut off the curved hem of the existing piece.
My top was made out of different panels in different fabrics so I cut these into different sections.
I then cut these smaller sections again horizontally and then sewed them together to make longer pieces. This is so volume can be created when sewing the peplum back on!  
After repeating that with each section I sewed them all together to get one really long strip.
I folded the hem up twice and stitched down, this is to get a nice neat hem that won't unravel!
Then I used the longest stitch setting (hand stiches would have worked too) to sew a line along the unfinished edge of the long strip of fabric.
Next I pulled on the thread to ruche in the fabric strip and make it the same length as the raw edge left on the original top. This will create lots of volume in the peplum.
The final stage was to pin the peplum strip to the raw edge on the original top, right sides facing, and sew down! The top was given a good press and it was finished!
Throughout making this top I used an over locker to finish off any raw seams to make sure they don't fray, if you don't have an over locker you can use the zig zag stitch on a standard sewing machine of use fabric glue!
I hope you enjoyed reading about how I transformed this old top! I will write a styling post very soon! Have you done any DIY on any old clothes or made some brand new ones lately? I would love to hear!
Steph xox


  1. What a brilliant & stylish DIY!


  2. This looks absolutely fantastic and I would never have known you hadn't just bought the top like that :) pleating was one of my favourite techniques to do when I did my textiles GCSE :)
    Love Holly x

    1. thank you so much! I wish I'd done textiles while I was in school lol!

  3. Love the way it looks on you. Great job. xx


  4. Love this up styling. Such a gorgeous top. Great look and great work putting it together x

  5. You're so clever! It looks amazing :)

    Sarah | More Than Adored