The True Cost

During my research into minimalist fashion I was recommended a new documentary called 'The True Cost' that investigates the impact that fast fashion is having on the planet. I knew it would show me the bad side of the fashion industry and I know people work long hours in factories to earn next to nothing but I had no idea how bad the situation was. I also didn't anticipate how much of an impact it would have on me and how I view the fashion industry.

The main thing that this documentary brought to light and made me think hard about my choices was the fact that fast fashion is making people suffer. Workers in developing countries suffer beyond imagine to barley earn enough to feed themselves and the conditions they work in means they risk their lives every day, so that we can buy a t-shirt a little bit cheaper.
An example of this would be Rana Plaza in Bangladesh, a factory that produced clothing for many high street companies collapsed and killed over one thousand people. To make matters worse the workers had reported the building had become unsafe but they were ignored and many companies they worked for didn't take any action. This wasn't just a one off tragedy, workers of the fast fashion industry work in these conditions everyday and large companies justify themselves by asking 'but if we didn't employ them, they would be worse off'. There is no truth in this, how can they suggest that those thousand people in Rana Plaza would have been worse off if the factory was never built?
Brands such as People Tree and Monsoon have proven that fashion can be produced without harming the planet and those who make it which is why from now on I shall focus on promoting such examples of fashion.
There are many other aspects of fast fashion, such as the amount of waste it produces, that are covered in the documentary which is now available to watch on Netflix.
After watching this documentary I've decided that I need to change the direction of this blog, while I love fashion and beauty I can not be part of ruining the planet and forcing people into extreme poverty. I will continue to blog about the same topics but focus on ethical and sustainable products, I want to show how you can have style while shunning fast fashion that is ruining the planet.


  1. That's so interesting - I'm definitely going to check out this documentary. Kudos to you to supporting ethical and sustainable products! Looking forward to seeing more of this content from you ❤